Are you interested in the history of your parish, the people who lived there, the houses they built? Did your ancestors live in Barcombe or Hamsey? Are you interested in old houses, archaeology, ancient trees and woodland? Explore the parishes as they were in about 1840 and earlier, using this site. Click on a house on the tithe map and you can access the history and the names of owners and tenants from the earliest documents available to us. Search your house or road name (as recorded by the OS in the latest maps) and if there was a house on the site in 1840 it will tell you the history which you can download. Every field has a history which is summarised here – click on a number and see what you find.

Should you wish to do so you can access more detailed discussion of the discoveries we have made and the sources we have used, manorial records or the tithe map for example.

Alternatively just browse, we have early pictures and maps for you to enjoy – enjoy exploring the past.

We have enjoyed unlimited access to archives.

The maps and pictures we have used are privately owned and should not be downloaded. When they are in public collections we have given the source and if you wish to obtain a copy you can often do so.

All the houses we have surveyed and the land we have walked for fieldwork are privately owned and we appreciate the generosity of the owners who have allowed us access. Please respect their privacy and keep to footpaths when you are exploring the countryside.

Barcombe introduction

Map of Barcombe and Hamsey parishes

Project introduction