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Building surveys

In 1998 as part of the Hamsey Parish Millennium Map Project Dr Annabelle Hughes, a consultant on historic buildings, was commissioned to look at several interesting houses in the parish. Permission was sought, and in most cases granted, from the owners of properties that looked to be of timber-frame construction. Five more properties were studied as part of the Barcombe and Hamsey Project.

The resulting surveys gave us buildings ranging from a 15th century single-aisled medieval house to a 19th century converted farm out-building.

We would like to thank all the house owners who kindly allowed Dr Hughes not only to explore throughout their houses but also to clamber into attics and roof spaces to establish whether timbers were blacked with soot from medieval open fires, or whether construction techniques suggested a later date of construction.

Summaries of the reports appear on these web pages. Click on a number on the map and it will take you to the page for that property. Continue to explore that site or use the back button to return to this page. The full reports have been deposited in the Sussex Archaeological Society Library, Barbican House, Lewes where they can be consulted by researchers. Deposited with them is a report on Offham House (not part of the project) by Dr Hughes.

Building surveys

An introduction to timber-framed
by Dr. Annabelle Hughes